• some image Ep 155: Fact or Fiction with ANSTO
    The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation undertakes research and development in nuclear science and technology, and are very active in science communication. Fact or Fiction, examining the science in sci-fi movies, is its principal science communication project.
  • some image Ep 154: Blogging, podcasting, royal jelly and using chocolate to determine the speed of light
    Can you work out the speed of light at home, and then eat the experiment afterwards?
  • some image Ep 153: Complex Network Analysis in Cricket
    Complex network analysis is an area of science that can be used to rank things, one of the most famous examples of which is the Google PageRank algorithm. But it can also be applied to sport. Cricket is a sport in which it is difficult to rank teams, whilst it is notoriously difficult to rank individual players
  • some image Science of Spiderman
    Dr Boob examines Spiderman over two episodes looking at how to manipulate Peter Parker's DNA using a virus to transport engineered DNA into his cells, and the amazing properties of spider silk. Part 1 and Part 2.
  • some image Modelling an all-time greatest musical playlist
    Attempting to settle once and for all what my favourite song is, using maths.
  • some image Ep 149: Zombies Part 2
    This week we have a shot at recreating the zombies of films such as I am Legend - creatures created through the transmission of a virus, who are filled with rage and enjoy the taste of brains.