Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ep 151: Spiderman Part 1

This is our last Science of superheroes for a while so we thought we'd look at one of the big guys. Over two episodes, Dr Boob examines Spiderman and in episode one, he specifically looks at how to manipulate Peter Parker's DNA using a virus to transport engineered DNA into his cells. It is by changing his genetic structure that we can allow him to have his superhero abilities, which for Spiderman are largely exaggerated spider traits as well as something called a "Spidey sense".

Tune in to this episode here.

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  1. How about adding a hooded collar to Spiderman Armor Avengers Infinity War Jacket to bestow the character the assassin's look? Yeah, I know, the young New Yorker is not an assassin, it's just that I think doing this would be a lot of fun.