Friday 2 June 2006

Podcasts and Producers - Mr Science goes Web2.0

And now a few words of thanks to the marvellous producers of the radio show, and to China Radio International. The spot started out of an idea my brother James and I had when I visited China in January. The first show, of which unfortunately we have no audio, was about genetic engineering and ears growing out of the side of a mouse. James produced the first 10 or so episodes, and brought along with him exceptional production values, as well as slipping his favourite music into the background.

When James decided to leave CRI for greener pastures, although no one could ever take his place in the hearts of CRI fans, he was ably replaced by Michael Lee, a dedicated producer and big science fan. Michael also puts his favourite music behind the show, comes up with interesting topics, and always calls on time! And thanks to CRI for continuing to host the show. The picture at the top of this post is from a fan day CRI had recently. They are quite popular!

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