Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bring us your burning science questions

Do you have a burning science question that you need answered?

For National Science Week 2010, along with Diffusion Science Radio, we are asking you for your science questions, which we'll then pose to
relevant experts. Chemists, mathematicians, physicists, politicians, sociologists - we'll track down whoever we need to to respond to your queries.

A selection of the best questions and answers will be played over the airways on Diffusion on 2SER during Science Week, August 14 to 22. You can listen to Diffusion on Monday nights on 2SER 107.3FM in Sydney, across Australia at various times on the Community Radio Network, streaming online, or via podcast. The expert interviews will be prerecorded so we can answer as many of your questions as possible during the show. The Science Week show will also be podcast here on Mr Science and many of the questions we don't get to on air will also be published here.

Send in your questions via email, twitter (@westius), on the Facebook page or in the comments section below. Feel free to ask any question you like, no matter how broad or specific, and be creative. Want to know more about climate change or the LHC? Interested in recent Nobel Prize winners? Intrigued by how you might go about solving the Reimann Hypothesis? Why do you smell?

Whatever your question, we'll have a shot at finding someone who can answer it. We're looking for science questions, but don't limit your queries to hard science - feel free to ask about how science influences our lives. For instance, what exactly is a Carbon Trading Scheme and how does it combat climate change?

So start sending in your questions - the earlier, the better, especially if your question is obscure and the relevant expert in Gross–Pitaevskii physics lives in country Urumqi.


  1. What are yawns? Why do we yawn?

  2. for the physicists. Can people really run on water -

  3. why does bright light make me sneeze?