Sunday 15 October 2006

New Podcast Host and lots more mp3s

The Mr Science Show Podcast has moved from Castpost to Libsyn. Castpost did a great job, however we needed to upgrade from their free service to the more comprehensive service of Libsyn.

Some of the benefits of this move are that now you can download the mp3s directly, instead of streaming them, and the feed is not limited to 15 episodes. So now you have access to all 36 Mr Science Show episodes that have been recorded so far, from the very first episodes recorded down the phone to China Radio International produced by my brother James, to those produced by Michael Li, to The Snorer, and those produced by myself on my home computer and in the 2SER studios in Sydney.

Click here to check out the podcast feed, to choose how you might like to subscribe (for example, through itunes) or to simply download the mp3s in which you are interested.

The podcast feed page remains:

Hope you enjoy the Podcast, thanks for subscribing if you are already a subscriber, welcome if you have just joined up and enjoy the mp3s if you are just casually browsing past.

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