Thursday 1 February 2007

50 Mr Science Episodes!

This week sees the Mr Science Show Podcast turn 1 year old and clock up 50 episodes!

About this time last year, my brother James and I sat down in the China Radio International Beijing studios and recorded the first show - then nameless - on genetic engineering. James had the idea of a science series, and the announcers started to say that James was interviewing "CRI's very own Mr Science", and the name stuck.

We continued doing this for a number of week's down the phone until James moved on to bigger and brighter pastures and Michael Li started producing. I grabbed these episodes off the CRI stream on the net and created the podcast to go with the early Mr Science website. Not long afterwards, I started producing the podcast episodes myself on my own computer, or in the 2SER studios, although the interviews down the phone to China still continue - you'll just have to stream CRI to hear them! The recording quality of the podcasts has improved over time, as naturally the early one's down the phone aren't as clear as home produced recordings, which in turn aren't as crisp as studio recordings. I've forked out some money for home recording gear now, and Christmas was also kind, so hopefully the sound quality will be quite good in the future.

A big thanks to James for making this happen, to Michael for helping it continue, and to the guys down at the Diffusion Science Radio Show.

So to the show, and this show takes in my Top 10 Science Stories of 2006 as from the previous post, as well as a number of other tidbits and reflections from the year including family interviews from Christmas about their top science stories from 2006, snippets from my favourites songs from the year, and a collection of recordings of snorers who I had the pleasure of being caught with throughout the year.

The mp3 for this episode can be found here, or on the podcast.

Other interesting observations from the year:
  • The most downloaded podcast episode from the year was on how Stephen Hawking communicates and gets around (story, mp3)
  • The most searched for story was on Vacuum Cupping (story, mp3)
  • A lot of people also searched for Scientific Dating Tips, whilst 2006 saw me convinced about the Science of Speed-Dating.
  • Surprisingly, many people also searched for articles on facial hair and would have been surprised at what they found (here and here).
  • The Travelling Scientist tackled the 2nd and 3rd world. This year, assuming I have money, I'll try and tackle London and New York, and possibly Canada. But that all depends.
  • First Science picked up the blog - thanks guys!
Cheers and thanks for listening/reading.

Lets hope that 2007 is a fun, interesting and exciting year for all. Please leave any comments, or email me with feedback and thoughts, or just to say hi.


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