Monday, 29 June 2009

Beauty and the Geek comes to Australia

Ever seen the American show Beauty and the Geek, produced by twitterer, actor and producer Ashton Kutcher? The show takes a bunch of horribly awkward, socially inept, level-23 dragon overlords - sorry, Dungeons and Dragons aficionados - and puts them in a house with a group of stunning looking, but generally slow-on-the-uptake, girls to see what happens. Each geek is teamed up with a beauty and they live together in a room throughout the show, with challenges in each episode being used to eliminate the couples. The challenges test what the contestants are bad at - the beauties are tested in academic topics (the geeks are supposed to tutor them) and the geeks are tested with social questions (the beauties are likewise supposed to teach them about the real world). At the end of the show, one couple wins a swag of money and there is a very American resolution with the contestants saying how much they've learnt and grown.

So yes, it's ridiculous and patronising - but it's compelling viewing and coming to Australia!

If you want to apply to be a contestant on the show, download the application forms on the Channel 7 Beauty and the Geek website.

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  1. Ищу субтитры к тв щоу (Looking for subtitles for the TV show) beauty and the geek australia = Чики и фрики австралия