Friday, 12 November 2010

What is the collective noun for a group of scientists?

When you're at a pub and you see a bunch of scientists in the corner, gazing at their shoes and looking generally uncomfortable, what do call them? Is it a group of scientists? A gaggle of scientists? A murder of scientists? My quick googling didn't give me an answer, so I put the question out on twitter and facebook - what is the collective noun for a group of scientists? Here is what came in:
  • A cat-herd
  • A quantum
  • A cabal
  • A tribe
  • A gaggle
  • A whiteout
  • A multipact
  • A maxineurone
  • A quadrant
  • A sample
  • A study
  • A congregation
  • A plethora
  • A nerdlet
  • A conglomerate
  • A floc
  • A concurrence
  • A quadribble
  • A thinktank
  • A confusion
  • A bunsen
  • A titration
  • A force
  • An experiment
  • A geek
  • A meter
  • A beaker
  • A discipline
  • A method
  • An examination
  • A conjecture
  • A dogma
  • An array
  • A geek
  • An ego
Do you have a particular favourite not mentioned? Let us know! I quite like "a force of scientists" - direct and to the point, scientifically relevant, and it sounds cool.


  1. A murder of scientists.

    1. Wouldn't it be a population of scientists?

  2. Hi Marc -

    How about a curiosity of scientists?

  3. In graduate school, we used the term "a hypothesis of scientists...", which I think fits the mold very well.... Thanks.

  4. How about a superposition of physicists?

  5. I'm going with a team or a group of scientists

  6. Should it be discipline specific?

    A quantum of physicists

    A mole of chemists

    A culture of biologists

    A cognition of psychologists.

  7. A battery of scientists. I learned this in a youtube documentary on cocaine mummies.