Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ep 147: Time Travel and the movies part 2

Time travel is one of the more interesting plot devices in scifi movies. In this episode and the second in the series, Dr Boob takes us on a journey through parallel universes, causal loops and the nature of time-lines. We look at Back to the Future, the Terminator series, Futurama, Looper, Red Dwarf and Twelve Monkeys. By the end, it got a bit deep and my brain hurt! There are a few spoilers in this episode, if somehow you haven't seen these classic time travel movies. And please excuse my cold!

A good reference for attempting to explain the logic of time travel in the movies is Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies.

Tune in to this episode here.


  1. Re Looper, as it happens they use exactly the phenomenon you guys mention. Message to future self via scars. And in the end as well, the grandfather paradox is reversed.

  2. Time travel makes every movie super hit. Im I wrong? Prove it please!!!

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