Saturday, 18 November 2006

North Koreans, Mammoths, Invisibility and what did not make it to air on the Diffusion Radio Science Show

This week on the Mr Science Show podcast, we are taking a look at a number of different science news stories, as well as what I could salvage from one of most out-take ridden episodes of the Diffusion Radio Science Shows with which I have been involved - we had a great time, and its all good science! I have the raw recordings should anyone want them.

Our stories are:
  1. Dodgy North Korean Scientists attempting to clone mammoths
  2. New developments in invisibility (also see this past Mr Science story)
  3. Black and White television not so black and white
  4. Women allergic to semen?
  5. Psychology and cricket
You will also hear the voices of Matt Clarke, Darren Osbourne, Tilly Boleyn and Lachlan Whatmore. Darren is also involved with Mo-vember, so feel free to sponsor us both!

Grab this show here

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