Thursday 1 March 2007

MABUHAY from Australia!

One interesting thing that I have found is that this site gets a lot of hits, and the podcast alot of downloads, from The Philippines. The Philippines is the second highest country with English not as its first language in my list (second to Germany). This surprised me a little, so a big thank you to The Philippines. I'm not sure whether there is a devoted Philippino fan base or whether Google picks up this site a lot in The Philippines because of the stories and shows I did about the place (check out The Travelling Scientist), but whatever the cause, here is a message for you...

MABUHAY from Australia! Ako po ay si Marc. Maraming salamat sa pagbisita niyo sa aking website. Salamat din sa panahon na binibigay niyo para makinig sa aking palabas! Naway kayo ay may natutunan din!

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