Thursday 29 March 2007

The stats of elections - and a GIVE AWAY

Over here in NSW Australia, we have just had the NSW election. I love elections, the free sausages down at the local school, the garage sale and most of all, the statistics. Elections are full of statistics, whether its the preferential voting system, the voting swings, or the TV coverage that claims to know the winner when 0.001% of the vote has been counted.

The week on The Mr Science Show Podcast, we cross to my excited recordings on the way to vote, have a discussion about the preferential voting system used in Australia, and take a look at the closest election victories ever, and the largest ever victory in a democratic election in Jaipur India.

We also have a give away of some tickets to see The Man in the Lab Coat at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, some copies of Cosmos Magazine and a gift of Mr Science merchandise to the first person to write in from each continent in the world. Tune in and listen for your chance to win!

Grab the podcast feed here and the mp3 here

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