Monday 23 April 2007

Apple stole my image...

Just check out their ad for the iPhone - bares a striking resemblance to the Mr Science logo, albeit a little bit cuter...


If someone makes a movie of my life, I hope they can track down that little kid - I think he would be much better than Haley Joel Osment or other such child actors. Is he some long lost 7 year old brother? If so, Dad and Mum, you have some explaining to do....


A few years back, the Discovery Science Radio Show received a cease and desist notice from the Discovery Channel regarding its name, despite the fact that it had probably been in existence for longer, was non-profit and clearly not a threat - now its called the Diffusion Science Radio Show.

So, in the spirit of the little guy hitting back at the big guy, but with my tongue in my cheek, here is what my lawyer friend has provided me with - thanks Ben. Apple, looking forward to hearing from you...


I am Mr Science (aka Marc West)

I am a leading promulgator of lite science video and audio content worldwide.

I own and control the worldwide copyright in the Mr Science logo (attached).

I write to you in relation to files that infringe my copyright which are being made available and distributed via the website (the Website), which you are identified as controlling or operating.

I hereby formally notify you of the following circumstances and require the removal of certain infringing files:
  • The Website hosts files that make available and distribute infringing copies of the Mr Science logo. I have captured evidence of pages on the Website from which the files can be obtained.
  • These files are an infringement of the copyright owned by me.
  • The copies of the infringing files described above, and their distribution through, is not authorised by the copyright owner (me), my agent, or the law. Please immediately remove or disable all access to the infringing files.
Please confirm by return that you have complied with the above.
Should you require any further information regarding this matter, please contact me at the email address indicated above.


  1. oh my gosh, they really do look similar. Most of the time you go on about rubbish, but seriously, this is way too similar to be coincidence. You should have copyrighted that look, westius.

  2. My lawyers tell me that copyright inherently subsists in a work. I'm getting the papers together...

    Thanks for tuning in to my rubbish!

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