Monday, 16 April 2007

Brainiac Chemistry

Brainiac is a great TV show, which unfortunately only lasted one season over here in Australia. Richard Hammond is also very cool, even though my girlfriend has a crush on him, and he almost died in a car accident.

Here is their take on chemistry - I did my honours in chemistry, so this appealed to me. I liked the torching of the "Boring Science Video" using a Bunsen burner, and the quote, "These next two alkaline metals are the dog's nuts of the periodic table." Not to mention the fact that, like my own abilities in chemistry experiments, they tend to blow things up, and the Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" music in the background is also rather special....

(PS Sorry for the reduced activity on the podcast - I'm moving house, country actually, and its a little stressful!)


  1. WOW very nice, I learn a lot from you guys XD Thank you! LOL

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