Monday 20 August 2007

Why I never took sides

Growing up in 1980's Australia meant watching some absolutely fantastic television.

When you have ads and public television announcements like the following two clips, you can hardly blame any Australian for loving either religion or science! (The science one is not strictly an ad, but still cool.)

If you can not see the embedded clips, check out religion and science.


  1. This announcement is good but the video you share is not working properly kindly fix it please

  2. What an interesting idea! Bringing together science and pop culture is an excellent way to make science more accessible to the general public. There are so many interesting scientific principles that can be paired with popular culture media. By combining the two, concepts and advances in science can be more easily absorbed and understood by a wider audience. I'm curious to see what results from this trend. It's great to see the effort being put in to make science more enjoyable and relatable.

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