Tuesday 12 May 2009

The Muppets are responsible!

Having spent the night browsing around youtube, it seems to me that The Muppets might have some explaining to do re bird flu and swine flu.

Bird flu, or more specifically Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, is considered a significant pandemic threat. It is passed between birds in their saliva, nasal secretions and faeces, and past outbreaks in humans have started in crowded conditions, where humans and chickens live in close quarters. In these conditions the virus is more likely to mutate into a form that can infect humans. It is thought that some of the humans who have died from bird flu were cock fighters who sucked the mucus from the bird's beak before a fight. There are some suspected cases of human-to-human transfer.

Keeping this in mind, check out what the Swedish Chef is doing to this poor turkey. He is not only kissing it, but prodding it rather inappropriately with his skewer and exposing himself to the turkey's body fluids...

Swine flu is a new strain of Influenza A virus subtype H1N1. H1N1 is the most common cause of influenza (flu) in humans. The new strain seems to be a new mix of the genetic material of the human influenza, swine influenza and avian influenza viruses. One of the reasons why this new flu is considered a significant threat is that it is now being spread human to human. This contrasts bird flu which was almost entirely animal to human. As the strain is new, we have no natural immunity, nor are we vaccinated against it, so there is a considerable threat of a pandemic. Currently we are not sure if the virus originated in pigs, humans or birds. Check out this video of Miss Piggy, she does sneeze and spread her flu around a lot - I think she might have been the source!

So essentially the major flu outbreaks of the 20th Century are due to The Muppets. Not to mention the rats they have running all over the place, I'm sure they had something to do with the Plague...


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