Tuesday 5 September 2006

The Philippines - Mr Science becomes the travelling scientist

I have edited together the travel Philippines podcast feature. The podcast contains recordings made during my recent two weeks in the Philippines, as well as a little Pinoy music. The podcast investigates serious, and not-so-serious, Philippino scientific topics through interviews with Philippinos and ex-pats, and my own musings (I'll give a plug here to the belkin dongle that I bought to turn my ipod into a recording device - form your own opinions on the recording quality, I was pleasantly surprised). Some of the topics covered are:
  1. Scientific Philippino facts (i.e. 80% of the world's tropical fish come from the Philippines)
  2. Our trek to the world's longest navigatable underground river on the island of Pelawan
  3. The role science in the developing world
  4. How science and analysis can inform developing world governments
  5. Balut - boiled chicken embryo still in the egg (see this Mr Science story for more details)
  6. Speech therapy in the Philippines
  7. Pollution, rabies, immunisation
  8. Strange Philippino fruits
You can subscribe to this podcast by clicking on the following clicklet, which should be flashing up how many subscribers we currently have (we currently have around 1000 - 1500 downloads per week, depending on whether there is new material up). This will allow you to subscribe using your favourite podcast client (itunes, ipodder, PodNova etc).

Or listen to this show here

So, enjoy the podcast - it is in a slightly different format to what I usually do as it is a 30 minute feature. I hope it is entertaining as well as scientific, so please email me or leave comments if you have any thoughts, and let me know if the longer features are a good idea. I plan to do them for special occasions - next up is a feature on India, so stayed tuned.

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