Wednesday 9 July 2008

Science Podcasters

I am happy to announce that The Mr Science Show has joined up with, a fledgling organisation for supporting and promoting science podcasts. It was started by Ginger Campbell, MD host of the Brain Science Podcast. The purpose of this website is to create a site where people can find high quality science podcasts about a wide variety of fields. It offers science podcasters a place to post announcements, show notes and links back to their websites and content. This is not a directory or hosting site. Our main motivation is a spirit of mutual support. We all believe in the importance of using podcasting as a tool to communicate science to a broader audience. We have chosen the blog format in recognition of the fact that sites with content that is constantly updated is also more attractive to search engines. The more content we post on this site, the more we will help all the shows on the site to get the recognition they deserve.

So get over and check out

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  1. Exciting news! The collaboration between The Mr Science Show and is a fantastic initiative for promoting quality science podcasts across diverse fields, fostering mutual support among podcasters, and amplifying the impact of science communication through podcasting.