Friday 18 July 2008

Who is your favourite fictional scientist?

Who is your favourite fictional scientist? I've come up with my top 14 covering my favourites from my formative years, including Doc Emmette Brown and his flux capacitor, the parapsychology-studying ghostbusters and the crazy muppet scientists Beaker and Honeydew.

Have a vote in the poll and once we get enough responses, we'll close it off and write detailed profiles of those scientists who top the list.

If you can't see the poll (perhaps you are viewing in a feed reader that doesn't like flash), then follow this link: View Poll. Or check out the poll in the right sidebar of our homepage.

To get you in the mood, have a look at Forbes Magazine's Top 15 richest fictional characters, topped by Scrooge McDuck. This list features two characters who are arguably scientists - Tony Stark (from Iron Man) and Monty Burns (from The Simpsons). But I prefer to classify them as businessmen who work in scientific industry.

If we have missed anyone off this list, then please leave a comment.


  1. The newly released Doctor Horrible, by Joss Whedon, might be a future force in the fictional science stakes.

  2. Bruce Banner (aka the Incredible Hulk) is pretty cool. So is Dr Jekyll.

    I think with the Doctor Whos you have to list them by name. I liked Tom Baker, but John Pertwee? He sucked.

  3. What about Graeme from the Goodies. He was always coming up with crazy theories and inventions...

  4. What about Brain from "Pinky and the Brain"?

  5. Jeff Goldbloom in every film he's been in.

  6. Marky you've missed out some high-impact fictional doctors...

    Dr Doom
    Dr Watson
    Dr Hook
    Dr Seuss
    Dr Dre
    Dr, I think I'm a grenade pin
    and... Dr Fox

  7. Guys, let's sort this out. Venkman and his ghostbusting friends are clearly the best fictional scientists.

    "Why worry? Each one of us is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back."

    That's science.

  8. You've left of Scully as well! I was such an xfiles geek back in the day. Tho the new movie is a bit of a shocker.

  9. You missed Dr. Girlfriend from the Venture Brothers and Beast from Marvel's Fantastic Four.

  10. I like Star Trek, Captain Kirk is an old fav.