Wednesday 2 July 2008

Pi appears in crop circle, Mr Science appears in cliff face

If we are to believe the latest signs from outer space, the local aliens are keen mathematicians.

A new crop circle appeared on the 1st of June this year in a barley field near Barbury Castle in Wiltshire, England, measuring 150 feet in diameter and correctly representing the first 10 digits of the irrational constant pi.

If you look at figure, you will notice that the grooves in the circle spiral outwards with steps at various points along the way. You can see that these steps occur at particular angles — the circle is divided into 10 equal segments of 36 degrees each. Starting at the centre, you can see that the first section is 3 segments wide. Then there is a step and underneath this step is a small circle. This is the decimal point. The next section is 1 segment wide and then there is another step. The following section is 4 segments wide, and so on until the final number encoded is 3.141592654. Michael Reed, the astrophysicist who first decoded the image, is quoted on as saying:

"The fact that the Pi decimal point is included and there is rounding up to 10 decimal places is to me a little mind boggling!"

The location of the new Pi crop circle is 51.488258 degrees north, 1.771964 west, but unfortunately it has not yet appeared on Google maps.

This latest crop circle has appeared on the eve of the new X-files movie I want to believe and has created quite a storm amongst crop circle enthusiasts. Lucy Pringle, a crop circle researcher, was quoted in The Scotsman as finding it hard to believe such an intricate crop circle could have been created by humans, and whilst there was rain the night before it appeared, there was no mud inside the formation.

"You can do it on a computer, but you try putting that in a field in the middle of the night and achieving that degree of mathematical accuracy."

Pringle's theory is that crop circles are created by a spiralling electromagnetic force that hits the ground for a nanosecond.

Local councillor Stewart Dobson said: "It's hard to believe somebody managed to work (the design) out so it shows pi so accurately. It's either a very educated person who has done it or a very educated alien." I think that an alien capable of making it millions of light years across the Universe to visit us is more than likely to have some understanding of pi...

The mysterious Mr Science rock carving of BrazilIt is not the first time mathematics has appeared in a crop circle. Indeed, whether it's the nerdy nature of crop circle fraudsters, or because aliens choose maths as a method of communication because of its fundamental role in the Universe, mathematical patterns are fairly common. One of the best-known mathematical crop circles appeared in the form of the Julia set 12 years ago, again in Wiltshire, near Stone Henge.

For the latest buzz on this crop circle, and to have a peek at all the theories regarding it, see crop circle connector. And whatever caused these mathematical imprints on the face of the Earth, always remember, the truth is out there.

It reminds me of the mysterious alien Mr Science rock carving of Brazil. Some things are just not meant to be understood.


  1. Hi
    I think that this is just a myth of the people that the signs which appears in the fields are made by aliens. But some way round the other sometimes I also feel it is true because the way it is made it is impossible for human being to make such kind of art on the fields so we can say that some people believes it and some not and some are thinking whether too be in favour or against

  2. It is quite unlikely that aliens would count in base 10.

  3. You can't really speculate what base aliens would count in. We don't even use the base that we find optimal. That's said, it's probably of terrestrial origins.

  4. Mr. Science carving sure resembles Che' Gravara to me...

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