Monday 16 February 2009

A day for love and science

Puppy Love
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A big happy Valentine's Day to you all. Science is the tool we use to solve our problems. But can science explain the secrets behind love? Given that love is a game, and mathematical game theory can be used to find the best strategies to win at games, why not try and apply science and maths to love?

We've had plenty of stories on love on Mr Science, so here is some advice from society's most lucky in love, the scientists.

If you are single and looking to get the attention of that one special person, you should check out the following stories:

If you are lucky enough to be waist deep in romance, then check out the following:
And if you simply just want to get lucky, then check out:
And if you think this whole love and sex thing is just one big joke, then perhaps the idea that those who are more sexually appealing may be dumber might be up your alley.

All our love stories are listed over in the Mr Science series on love and sex.

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