Friday, 13 February 2009

Ep 99: The Unknown Solar System

You may think that with the Hubble Telescope, the Mars Rovers, the Huygens probe and even the Voyager missions launched way back in 1977, that there is little left for us to learn about our solar system. But this is far from the truth, and it seems that the more we learn, we more we realise how much we don't know.

This week in our 99th show, I speak to Bianca Nogrady from New Scientist about the recent NS article The biggest mysteries of our solar system. The 6 biggest unknowns were:
  1. How was the solar system built?
  2. Why are the sun and moon the same size in the sky?
  3. Is there a Planet X?
  4. Where do comets come from?
  5. Is the solar system unique?
  6. How will the solar system end?
Follow the links for discussions on the NS site about those topics.

Listen to his podcast here:

At one stage during the show we talk about the dwarf planet called Santa. Its official name is Haumea and has moons Rudolph and Blitzen. And thanks to Bianca for again being on the show - she was also in Episode 98, on a completely different topic, that of Santa being a fat, diabetic substance abuser. Bianca is clearly a lady of many scientific talents!

And now for your entertainment, check out this Warner Brothers clip of Duck Dodgers looking for Planet X. I like his style! If you can't see the clip, see this link to youtube.

Stay tuned for the next Mr Science Show, our 100th episode, which will feature the top 10 science stories from 2008 as suggested by Mr Science Show readers and listeners. We'll also announce the lucky winner of the 100th episode competition.


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