Tuesday 17 February 2009

The words of 2008

I recently stumbled across this wonderful visualisation tool called Wordle.

Using Wordle, I have created this image of the most popular words on The Mr Science Show blog throughout 2008 (not including common words like "the" and "and".)

The words most used on the Mr Science Show blog throughout 2008

It's nice to see that science is number one on the list! The image is quite a nice reflection of my interests in 2008, with maths and mathematical words such as distribution, stats and one featuring. We have sporting words such as cricket, league and sport, a few words artistic words such as music and dance, and some that need no explanation - sex and condoms....

I've started to become a little addicted to Wordle, so here is our DSTO Operations Research Code of Best Practice document - looks like a new funky ad campaign for studying mathematics!

The words most used on the Mr Science Show blog throughout 2008


  1. That looks awesome, would love to see an image mapped one for wordpress tags ;)

    btw, you've got a broken link in the article - it's wordle.net

  2. Thanks! The link is now fixed.
    I've spent far too long playing with Wordle today - the complete works of Shakespeare was a good one!

  3. You just gave me a devilishly good idea...... watch this space ;)

  4. Damn, Wordle is blocked!
    I've just collected the partial oratory works of Matthew Hayden and thought they'd make a great wordle..